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Pandas and Penguins, According to Google

The previous Google Panda updates, have now morphed into Penguin updates, but the message remains the same. Provide relevant, meaningful and consistent content FOR YOUR VISITORS, and all will be right with the world. And Google. In a recent post by E-Web Marketing, How to Protect Your Site Against Future
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One Perfect Moment

Have you ever had that one perfect moment? The one that you always associate with a particular person, sound, or smell, and you spend years trying to relive and recapture, but you just never quite get it right? Hopefully most of us will have more than just one of those in our lives, but...
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Website Review – Innovative Images

I recently mentioned to my readers on  Facebook that I was thinking about doing a series of blog posts reviewing or critiquing various websites, with the idea of offering tips and helpful information about how these sites could be improved, from my point of view. Right away, a couple of
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