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What to Do Before Hiring a Web Designer

So, you’re thinking about finally getting that website done (or re-done, in many cases), but you just aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you have a new business, or perhaps your existing website is just very outdated and under-appreciated? There are many things to think about before hiring a designer.
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Why You Don’t Want to Use Internet Explorer!

I am on a mission. A mission to eliminate Internet Explorer from every computer on the planet! Okay, I know……it’s probably NOT going to happen, but hey, I can dream can’t I? Internet Explorer has become my nemesis. The most evil of web browsers. The antithesis of a waste of
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The Copyright Mystery

It’s a fact, most people do not have a clear understanding of federal copyright law. To the average user, if an image, story or article is posted on the internet, it MUST be free for the taking, right? Not quite. What most people do not understand is that when an
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