Cool Photoshop Creations

This is a guest post by author Warren Kings.

If you’re stuck in a creative slump it’s worth checking out the mad-skills of other artists for some inspiration. There’s nothing like a challenge to set off a bright idea – it may just be the thing you need to get your groove back. Photoshop is an immensely powerful tool, and it’s got unlimited potential if you have the imagination and know-how to make something come to life. If it’s a new technique you need, there are loads of awesome tutorials online to help you get there, and artists post work almost everyday for you to gaze in amazement at. Just take a look at the following awesome pieces…


This human disintegration image was created solely in Photoshop by a user who spent about five hours creating the effect from scratch. The result is a supernatural, apocalyptic looking piece with great detail and tones. Try out his 20 step tutorial to get the same effect on an image of your choice. It’s also a great exercise in etching.

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Painted clouds

Using a few simple tools in Photoshop, this artist was able to create a serene scene of clouds on a blue sky – and it’s not that hard to master. Check out the tutorial to find out how.

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Flaming car

Using a relatively simple technique and a few different layers, you can create a badass flaming car effect in about eleven steps. The result is awesome. See the tutorial for some info on how to take a simple image of a sweet ride and transform it into something supernatural, without magic.

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Glowing superhero

Depending on your level of experience, patience and artistic skill, you can create this glowing superhero effect in under 15 hours. By following this tutorial you’ll learn a load of valuable techniques and skills that are likely to benefit you when tackling future creations.

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Batman poster

It’s a salute the Dark Knight and this epic poster, created in Photoshop, uses different elements, layers and blurs to display the overall gloomy, textured and ominous effect. There are about 27 steps to follow to get the technique right, so check out the tutorial to get to grips with the piece.

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Ninja Turtles – Honorable mention

One of many incredible creations by graphic artist, Dave Rapoza, this image is from a whole series dedicated to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is definitely a must see. There’s no tutorial but it’s definitely worth taking a look to get some inspiration. Also visit his website at to find out more about his work, he’s one of the best at the moment.

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