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Home, Home on the Ranch

It seems no matter how much time I spend on the ranch, I can never get enough. No matter the time of year, it sucks me in. Whether it’s winter and we’re riding in the drippy fog to gather cattle, or the summer when it’s blazing hot and the hills are a golden brown, from the minute I first visited several years ago, it felt like home to me.

I have lived there off and on over the past 4 years, on different parts of the ranch, and now I live only a few miles from there and I can see the main house on the hill from my front porch, so I like to stretch it a bit and call it home. After all, Handsome lives there and I’m there all the time anyway, so it’s not that much of a stretch.

There is much to see there. The ranch first came to be in the early 1900’s and I think some of the stuff laying around the ranch has been there since that time!

Old wagon on the ranch

I don’t think this old wagon has move much in decades. Now it’s job is to provide storage for old pipes.

old ropes hanging on the porchOld ropes kind of accumulate on the porch.

Cow and calf

Along with all the old stuff, there is always plenty of new, all year long. In the fall, the calves arrive.

Brand new kittens

And in the spring, there are plenty of other critters making their debut, like these kittens we found in the bed of an old pickup just a few days ago.

Looking east towards the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains.The views are pretty much spectacular any time of year, but especially in the spring. Looking east into the Sierra Nevada mountains, we wait for the snow to melt so we can go back into the high country.

A cow with beautiful pasture and scenery in the background

I don’t think the cows appreciate the view as much as I do, but they sure appreciate all the green grass. After all, happy cows come from California, right?

Happy bull resting in the grassThe bulls are happy too. Soaking in the California sunshine, surrounded by green grass with plenty of cows to occupy his time, what more could any all-American bull ask for?

Beautiful sunsetAt the end of the day I’m always reminded how wonderful it is just to be here, living the dream!

What are some of your favorite places? Share!

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