My “TV” Debut for My Job Depends on Ag

The California My Job Depends on Ag Decal

The California My Job Depends on Ag Decal

Some exciting things have been happening around here!

I have recently become very involved with a group of folks here in the Central Valley who are as passionate as I am about promoting & preserving agriculture and the way of life it holds for everyone involved.

This group consists of farmers, ranchers, agriculture support businesses and many people who aren’t even involved in agriculture, but want to learn more about how food is grown, and what life is like for those who produce it. The group is called My Job Depends on Ag, and the primary focus is to demonstrate just how many millions of jobs in this country are affected by agriculture. It’s not just farmers and ranchers….it’s car dealerships, massage therapists, florists, insurance agents, mechanics, truckers…..and of course people like me!

The group started on Facebook in mid May of this year and in just over 2 months has grown to over 35,000 people! Obviously a nerve was hit here somewhere. The focus has also morphed somewhat and now includes education, and eventually scholarships for ag youth and other educational efforts. There are MANY misconceptions about agriculture out there, and part of the mission is to bust some of many myths floating about, that seem to want to demonize agriculture and the people who work so hard at it every day.

So what does all this have to do with web design, you ask? Not a whole lot, except that I am creating the website for this incredible cause, which will be launched very soon. The website will consist of stories direct from the farms, and related articles, as well as sell decals and other merchandise to provide the scholarships & education that is needed.

Additionally, it’s helping me get over a HUGE fear that I’ve had FOREVER. Public speaking.

Most who know me wouldn’t exactly call me shy, but make me stand up in front of a group of people and I fall apart. My voice starts cracking, my stomach does somersaults and my brain ceases to function.

Recently the core group from MJDOA was asked to do an interview for a Central Valley internet show called Connecting the Dots. We were each interviewed in separate segments for the show, and we were provided with the video to share with our social circles, so of course I wanted to share it with you! I have to say, I didn’t do all that bad, for a newbie, and I hear there is more of this type of thing coming and I’ve been told to fasten my seat belt. Okay then 🙂


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