5 Reasons You Should Use WordPress Over Shopify, Wix and Other Platforms

I see many people wondering which platform to use to build their website. Of course they all have their pros and cons, but for me, WordPress is the only choice for a serious business owner. As a business owner you need reliability, flexibility and the credibility that a GOOD website can bring to your business.

Read on for my 5 reasons why I pick WordPress.

  1. Shopify and at least one other platform, DO NOT back up your site! I was shocked when I learned this recently in a Facebook group. Someone had accidentally deleted all her blog posts and she was informed by Shopify that they do not provide backups. Backups are critical and are inherently part of any good hosting service. With one click you can completely restore your site. Talk about peace of mind!
  2. Search Engine Optimization is far superior with WordPress. WordPress was created as a blogging platform originally, and there is a reason it powers almost 40% of business websites in existence. Search engines love its customizable permalinks, which allow you to use keywords in the page URL. Shopify’s blogging capability is limited, therefore not giving you the platform to add keyword rich content easily, and on a regular basis. Wix uses an uncommon and strange link structure and their code is very bloated, which can slow down page speed scores.
  3. WordPress has superior customization and functionality options. With literally tens of thousands of free plugin options, and the myriad of themes and page builders now available, what you can do with your WordPress site is limited only by your imagination. Wix, for example, isn’t even fully responsive for mobile devices without some manual tweaking and their HTML code module (should you want to use it), is very restricted.
  4. Mythbuster alert! Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need to know any code to build a WordPress site. With page builders such as Elementor, it does all the heavy lifting, so not knowing any code is no longer an excuse for NOT having a WordPress site, sorry to say 🙂
  5. Lastly, and this is HUGE, in my opinion, on any platform that is not self-hosted (meaning you purchase website hosting), you most likely don’t even technically own your website. It’s akin to buying a building but not the land it sits on. Read their terms and conditions carefully before buying because in most cases, they have the right to remove your site any time they see fit. As a legitimate business, this should concern you.

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