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Free High Resolution Sand Textures

We had new sand brought in for the round corral yesterday, so I thought I’d go out and grab some photos to use as textures as they were spreading it around. I also got some shots of the sand in the arena, for some different kind of textures to use.
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Retro 101: Vintage-Inspired Graphic Design

Nothing instills confidence in consumers as quickly as the timeless feel of retro graphic design. Immediately conveying a sense of déjà vu and familiarity with the brand being advertised, vintage-looking marketing materials suggest to potential customers that the company has been in business for ages and is, therefore, trustworthy. In
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Cool Photoshop Creations

This is a guest post by author Warren Kings. If you’re stuck in a creative slump it’s worth checking out the mad-skills of other artists for some inspiration. There’s nothing like a challenge to set off a bright idea – it may just be the thing you need to get
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