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Exclude Your IP Address from Google Analytics

If you’re a fairly active website owner and you visit your own website frequently, you may want to Google to exclude your visits to your website from your analytics statistics, so that you don’t get inflated numbers, or incorrect statistics regarding who is actually visiting your website, how long they
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Spam in Your Google Analytics?

We all know about spam in our WordPress comments, and email spam, but did you know that you can get spam in your Google Analytics account? I actually had no idea either until just the other day. I use the Google Analytics Dashboard plugin for WordPress on my website, which
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12 Tips to Design an Ecommerce Website

The following is a guest post by Brendon Miller.   Ecommerce websites are very popular these days because they help buyers select any branded item from home, anytime. Shoppers can avoid crowd and stop using cash by using e-commerce websites. Another great advantage of online shopping is that the seller
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