6 Things You Can Do to Ramp Up the Energy in Your Biz

As is the nature of business, sometimes things are slow. As entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s up to us to keep the work coming in. This can prove to be a stressful endeavor, to say the least.

I am a firm believer, that the more energy you create in your life, and your business, the more energy you will get back in return. If business is slow and you sit around wondering what to do next, your lack of inertia will soon catch up with you.

Object In MotionI find that if work is slow to come in, or I have a lull in my schedule because I’m waiting on material from clients or others, if I keep busy doing other things to create energy in my business, the momentum will change and more work will find its way to me. Even though this has been the case for me for years now, it still amazes me how just changing that energy just a little bit, can have such positive results in my business.

With that in mind, here are six things that I do to create that energy in my business, and keep the momentum going. Maybe they will help you, too!

  1. Create interesting memes or graphics to share on your social media channels (like the one above). There are many stock image sites that you can use for images, and some of them are free. There are also websites such as Canva and PicMonkey, where you can create all sorts of memes to share. Create images that your audience will “get” and care about, which will make it easier to build that engagement and you’ll get more shares, too.
  2. Write a blog post. Yes, blogging is still important! If you have a WordPress website for your business, the blogging feature is right there, can be activated with just one click, and you can begin a new way to connect with your audience. If you have a blog and haven’t posted in awhile, get busy! You can then send your posts to your email marketing list with an RSS campaign, and keep in touch with the people that want to hear from you. Don’t disappoint them!
  3. Find some interesting Facebook groups to join and start a conversation. Facebook has groups for just about everything and these can be a great way to make some new connections, and start talking to people. Find groups where your ideal client is hanging out and answer their questions. Let them see your expertise and how much you want to help them succeed. Can’t find a group that suits you? Start one of your own!
  4. Find a MeetUp or other networking group in your area and start connecting. You can visit MeetUp.com to find a zillion groups in your area, some business related, some not, but all have people in them, and these people know people. Connecting and building relationships is where it’s at, so it’s important to put yourself out there and be seen.
  5. Call clients that you haven’t heard from in a while. Clients get busy too, and sometimes just reaching out and connecting with them over the phone can go a long way. Maybe they’ve been meaning to call you anyway, but they’ve just been too busy. Resist the urge to text them or send an email, and pick up the phone. Remember the phone?
  6. Find at least 3 people (or businesses) to follow on social media. Whether these are movers and shakers in your industry, or people that have skills that can help you grow your business, following them can teach you new things about how to connect with your audience and learn new skills.