Am I Prejudiced?

Let me preface this post by stating right up front that I didn’t write this to make anyone happy but myself. Having said that, I didn’t write it to offend anyone either, I simply wrote it to get a lot of what’s been bugging me out of my busy little head and onto “paper”, so to speak. I also want to say that I did not just sit down and write this as a rant. I’ve been sitting on this for weeks, wanting to make sure that I had my thoughts together in a cohesive way, and I didn’t want it to appear like I was just going off on a tangent without any thought going in to it.

Also, just so it’s clear, this post is not about color or racism, nor am I picking on any particular religious group, ethnic group or race. I’m basically picking on stupidity and arrogance; the arrogance of some people who clearly think they must be catered to for reasons I simply do not comprehend, and the stupidity of the mindset that society owes people something, again for reasons I do not comprehend.

I’m aware this post may be controversial, but that’s okay, I’ve often been known for stirring the pot some. This is my blog, this is America, and for now anyway, the 1st Amendment still stands and I am free to speak my mind. If it offends you, I won’t be apologizing or removing it just to please people who think that everything is about them. If you’re that easily offended by what is written here, then some of it must ring true for you, and you have way more problems than this post can even begin to address. It’s time to get over yourself. But, this is a free country and guess what? You don’t have to read my post.

Leaning more to the right politically, and living in the liberally crippled state of California has its challenges, and everyday I am reminded of them. This post is just my way of combating that in whatever small way I can. If nothing else, I just feel better for having the public forum in which to speak my mind.

You are free to comment on my post below, but be warned that if you use profanity, or single out any person or group of people with a derogatory statement, I will NOT approve your comment.

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Am I Prejudiced?

The simple answer to that is no. And yes.

Let me explain.

Will I judge you solely based on the color of your skin? Unequivocally NO!

Am I prejudiced against the content of your character? Absolutely.

If you have immigrated to this country illegally, and are here for the sole purpose of sponging off the generosity of hard working, tax-paying Americans, YES.

If you are stuck on the fact that Caucasian Americans owe you for the travesty that was slavery, YES. This would be the same if I held all black Americans responsible for the acts of some criminals, just because you are black.

If you have made a career out of standing in welfare lines and holding out your hand, YES. Get over yourself, get a life, get some self respect, GET A JOB. We don’t owe you a check, just because you were born. If that’s the case, then why don’t you owe me something? I work very hard to contribute to society, so the way I see it, I deserve more than those who are just leeching their way through life.

If you’ve decided to have a litter of kids, just so you could collect money from your state so you don’t have to go to work, YES. What kind of life can you give them? They’ll just grow up to be just like you and perpetuate the entitlement problem that is so prevalent in society today. Think about someone other than yourself and get some free birth control instead, most likely provided by the state you live in.

If you came to this country in search of a better life, because you want the same freedoms awarded us through our Constitution, and then get offended because the US Flag is flying in the lobby of your neighborhood bank, then HELL YES! You are free to leave anytime, if our flag offends you. No self respecting American would even consider caving to your ridiculous demands, and in fact I would place a dozen of them in my business just because this is America, and I can! Oh yeah, and by the way, that’s why you came here!

If you are offended by the word “Fiesta” in the title of my community event, calling it racist, then YES! If this is the case, you are just stupid and looking for a fight. As we say around here, “You can’t fix stupid.” Again, you are free to leave at any time, WE won’t be offended if you do.

If you throw the term “racist” around, just to justify why you think you’re not getting anywhere in life, YES. I’m a 5 foot tall woman, in a country and state run mostly by liberal men and some crazy socialist women, and I’ve worked my butt off, in numerous different industries, to make a successful and happy life for myself. No one did it for me, and if I screamed “discrimination” and “sexual harassment” every time I thought someone was holding me back, I’d have used up so much energy being ticked off, I never would have gone anywhere. Get over yourself, put your big boy/girl panties on and make something of yourself and prove them all wrong. No one is holding you back but YOU.

If you came to America to raise your children in the land of the free and the home of the brave, a country that was founded by Christians, and then you’re offended because your child comes home from school with a flyer about an Easter Celebration, then YES. You are free to practice your religion in whatever way you wish, do not deny us the same. You are, after all, in OUR country now. You can’t expect to make it your own, if you’re trying to change our traditions. This kind of behavior will only serve to separate you further from the inclusion you’re seeking. If you don’t like what’s going on at your child’s school, you are free to home school and practice whatever traditions you wish.

If you are not a US citizen, but immigrated here and then expect us to cater to you and adopt your language so that you don’t have to learn ours, then YES. Again, I remind you that you came here for a reason. At least make a solid attempt to learn English so that you can get a job, contribute to society, pay your taxes and have a good life. If you make no attempt to  help yourself, why do you deserve to be catered to? I refuse to press 1 for English! English should always be the default and if companies wish to add other languages to their auto attendants, then those people can press 1. If you own a company that requires me to press 1 for English, I will do my best to NOT do business with you.

If you dress like a gangster, with your pants down around your backside, are covered in tattoos, shave your head, wear a hoodie when it’s 90 degrees outside, have absolutely no command of the English language and slur your words, open your mouth and your brains fall out because you don’t have enough self respect to learn anything, and basically try to intimidate everyone with your presence because that’s the only way you can get any respect, then YES. And, by the way, it’s not respect you’re getting, it’s loathing. You say you want equality, but you intentionally separate yourself from society, so no one will treat you like an equal. They will treat you in accordance with what you represent. No one will respect you until you respect yourself, so pull up your pants, get a grip and Cowgirl Up.

Now… since my blog is mostly business related I typically don’t bring anything even remotely political here, but I am #FedUpAmerica with the direction this country is taking with all of our ridiculous, so-called “tolerance” and just could not keep this bottled up any longer. I will never care about being politically correct just to please people who don’t appreciate America for what it is and how hard most Americans have worked to make it such. Most of the time, I take a deep breath, go out and hug my horses and thank the Lord for all the many blessings in my life and retreat to my little corner of the world, where everything is mostly roses. And of course, a little wine helps, too.

As I mentioned, if you feel the need to vent please leave a comment, but be nice or I’ll exercise my ultimate veto power and your comment will not be approved. I would love to hear other people’s thoughtful comments however, so I encourage you to collect your thoughts and contribute below.