Sage in the Saddle

A Photographic Tribute to Silver Cowgirls

In the heart of sprawling landscapes and beneath vast, open skies, a unique narrative unfolds — a tale of resilience, passion, and unyielding spirit.

“Sage in the Saddle” is a deeply personal photo essay project born out of not just a love for photography, but a profound passion for the ranching lifestyle and telling the stories of those who are blessed to live that life. Beyond the iconic imagery of cowboys riding into the sunset, this project is a heartfelt endeavor to honor the often unsung heroines — cowgirls over 50 — whose lives are intricately woven into the fabric of cattle ranching and who have weathered the challenges of ranch life with grace and determination.

My dedication to this project goes beyond the lens; it is a commitment to helping these resilient women share their narratives and safeguard the legacy of ranching for generations to come. Through the lens of my camera, I aim to capture the authenticity of the ranching experience — the sun-kissed faces, the weathered hands, and the timeless rituals that define their way of life. Each photograph becomes a visual ode to their unyielding dedication, a testament to the harmony between tradition and the ever-evolving landscape of ranching.

“Sage in the Saddle” isn’t just a photo essay; it’s a collaborative effort to empower these cowgirls to tell their stories. It invites viewers to peer into the lives of these extraordinary women, to witness the indomitable spirit that has shaped their journey, and to appreciate the profound impact they have made on the landscape of ranching history. This project is a tribute to their unwavering commitment, and a crucial step in preserving the rich tapestry of ranching heritage for the generations yet to come.

All photo essays, with their accompanying stories, will be posted on my blog, and will serve as education about animal agriculture and a cherished way of life,  helping people get to know the faces of those who put food on their table.

Nominations for your favorite Silver Cowgirl are now open!

Nominations are currently welcome for those living in the South Eastern Washington, North Central Idaho, and North Eastern Oregon areas. As this project plays out, and as my travel schedule for 2024 is planned, nominations will most likely open up to other states in the Western U.S.

Feel free to nominate yourself!

Nominate a Cowgirl

If you or your nominee…

  1. Is involved in a cattle ranching operation in the areas listed above
  2. Predominantly uses horses to work their livestock (but if they don’t ride any longer, that’s okay, too)
  3. Is willing to spend a couple of hours with me and allow me to follow them around with my camera

… please consider nominating them using the form below!

All accepted participants will receive their suitable session images at no cost, as a thank you for allowing me to tell their story.

If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please contact that person and ask their permission before nominating, so they are not caught off guard when I reach out to them.