15 Things You Might Not Know About Me

I’ve run across quite a few of these posts recently and thought it was a neat idea…..especially since I’m challenged for content lately. So, here you go, some trivial things about me that you may or may not have known.

  1. I live in jeans and boots. And dirty fingernails, too. Well, most of the time. It kind of goes along with the horses and cattle, I suppose. I’ve been told I clean up okay, but you’ll probably NEVER find me in a pair of panty hose. EVER.
  2. I’m addicted to ice cream. The nuttier and crunchier, the better.
  3. I speak German. I lived in Germany with my Aunt & Uncle for a year when I was 15, and when I came home a year later, I even thought in German. I’m not so fluent any longer, but it comes back quickly when I need it.
  4. I’m only 5′ 1″ tall (yes, the 1″ makes a HUGE difference!), but on a horse, no one knows, so that’s usually my favorite place to be. I’m extremely sensitive about this, and if you make short jokes around me, my Napoleon complex forces my tongue to become extremely sharp.
  5. Several years ago I started writing a book. It was very cathartic at the time, but I don’t know if I’ll ever publish it. If I do, the names will have to be changed to protect the innocent.
  6. I cracked my head open once in a skiing accident and got life-flighted to the hospital, completely unconscious. I don’t remember a thing about it, but I woke up just as the plastic surgeon was about to shave my head so he could stitch up the 5-inch gash that nearly ripped my ear off. Fortunately, even in that state, I was lucid enough to convince him not to shave my head. He complied. Guess I have the gift of gab, or somethin’.
  7. I’ve decided that this is the year I will find God and make my relationship with him a priority. One thing I’ve noticed in 50 years is that the people who seem most “content” with life in general, and are the happiest in all their relationships, are those that have a close relationship with their faith, so I figured I needed to find out what I was missing and what they all knew that I didn’t. So far, I am amazed by what I have learned.
  8. When I was a kid, I swooned over Donny Osmond and Little Joe Cartwright…..especially Little Joe. He’s probably the reason I have this cowboy habit.
  9. I hate water activities, and I hate boats. A cruise ship is cool, boats are not. I’m probably the only person to go to Hawaii and never put on a swim suit.
  10. I get motion sickness really bad. Probably why I hate boats. But if I’m on a windy road and not driving, the driver will usually pull over and trade places with me, because I’ve just hurled in their lap.
  11. I used to be married (for 20 years), accumulating all the “stuff” people do, in massive debt, still accumulating more to keep up with the Jones’, and now I have 3 horses, an old car, a pickup truck and trailer and I live in a rented single-wide mobile home. I love it and I am the happiest I’ve been in a long, long time. Not having “stuff” is so liberating. I love living a simple life and the Jones’ can go………well, you know.
  12. While many who know me think of me as having this brash exterior, on the inside, I’m a mushball and get my feelings hurt too often. I really need a thicker skin sometimes.
  13. My pet peeves are having to push 1 for English, people who constantly complain about the same thing over and over again but never do anything to fix the situation, and people who insist on typing in all caps on their Facebook status.
  14. I have 2 tattoos. I got the first one when I was 44 and the second within a few months after that. Pictured at right is the original drawing that was my logo when I bred Morgan horses in Northern California. Now, a colorized version of this adorns my shoulder. I’m not tellin’ where the other one is.
  15. My favorite TV shows are NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy, and Law & Order SVU, although I’ve been known to watch an occasional Cheaters or Deadliest Catch from time to time. That typically takes some heavy bribery, however. Or maybe blackmail 🙂

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