5 Reasons You Should Be Using WordPress for Your Website or Blog

If you’re on the fence about which platform to use for building your website, here are some reasons why you really should consider using – or switching – to WordPress! WordPress has made some huge strides in recent years for page layout, and it’s become super easy to get exactly the site you need, regardless of your industry. Read on to learn more!

  1. WordPress is free. Not to be confused with WordPress.com (the free blogging platform that is not suitable for a business website), WordPress.org is the freeware that you can use to build a website, and of course it allows blogging as well. WordPress.org is a self-hosted website platform, so you are free to choose what company you wish your website to be hosted with, and – here’s the kicker – you totally and completely own your website. Unlike other website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace & Shopify, where you pay more money to rent server space and for their website builder platform, you completely own the website and the space it lives on. If you read the Terms of Service on the other platforms, you will see that they have control if they ever want to shut you down.
  2. Search engines love WordPress. The platform is coded and designed to be very easy for search engines to crawl and index, and return your site in search results, with a minimum of work. WordPress offers some built in features, such as Permalinks, post tags, categories, interlinking and a powerful Content Management System to make it easy for site owners to add new content on a regular and consistent basis. Content is still king, so adding and sharing content is a huge part of SEO in today’s world.
  3. No coding skills are required. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to know any code to create a dynamic WordPress website. Let me repeat this for people in the back… you DO NOT need to have any coding skills! Don’t believe me? Shoot me an email and let’s talk.
  4. WordPress is easily customized to create any site or layout needed for any industry, including eCommerce. There are literally tens of thousands of plugins and add-ons for WordPress, and many of them are free, so the resources available to you are endless. With today’s drag and drop modules on WordPress sites, it keeps your “grid” in line, so your website will be responsive for mobile devices and always look great.
  5. WordPress sites can be upscaled as your business grows. Maybe your budget only allows for a smaller website at the moment, but the good news is, your design, layout, content, navigation…virtually every aspect of your WordPress site can be upscaled as you grow. You’re not locked in to a certain layout or design, and that’s the beauty of WordPress!


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