Create a Website Homepage That Sells

There’s an old saying in marketing and that is “the confused mind never buys”.

Which is why simplifying and clarifying your message on the home page of your website is SO important to the overall success of your website.

Cluttered home pages with no clear message or direction will most likely result in that “deer in the headlights” look and off your prospective client goes to find your competitor.

So what’s my strategy for a great home page?

Check out the slides or read the blog post below to find out!

#1 - Keep your navigation simple.

Too many options in your main menu will only distract them from the reason they came to your site in the first place. Add links to the main pages of your site, and save the rest for the footer navigation.

#2 - Be direct and to the point.

Avoid the urge to be too clever with your wording. Your primary messaging should be clear on WHO you are, WHAT you sell and HOW you can solve their problem. They really don’t care about anything else.

#3 - Add calls to action in the key places.

The eye moves in a Z pattern, so leverage that by placing your first CTA button or text in the top right corner, where the eye will land first. The second CTA should be above the fold, immediately below your messaging that you created in step 1. Repeat the same identical CTA in 2-3 more places as users scroll down the page.

#4 - Illustrate how you are their guide through this process.

Address their pain points, so that they will understand that you know the solution to their problem and can help them through it.

#5 - Lead them through the buying or booking process.

Detail the process they will go through when they work with you. A simple 3-step plan, or a How it Works section, to provide them the steps to take to book, OR give them a glimpse into your process and how easy it is to get the results they are after. Don’t forget to add your CTA button after this section.

#6 - Include testimonials or reviews as social proof.

Always include at least a first name and if you can use their full name, their business name and a snapshot of them, it adds even more to the credibility factor. Provide them a link to their website as motivation to give you a testimonial.

#7 - Show your face!

People want to buy from those they feel some connection to, and that’s difficult to do if they don’t know you at least a little bit. Show a photo of you somewhere on the home page, with a bit of info about you, and then provide a link to your full profile page so they can really get to know what you’re all about. They are doing business with YOU primarily, so give them what they’re after.

#8 - Give them what they want.

Visitors come to your website for a reason, so if you don’t give them what they’re after, they’ll simply move on. Maybe they’re looking for your most popular products, or they’re after a free resource you offer. Whatever that may be, make sure they can find it on your home page quickly and easily.

#9 - Add one last CTA at the bottom.

This should be the same CTA that you’ve been using throughout the page. This is just one final nudge to remind them of why they are on your site in the first place.

You work hard enough. Make sure your website is working hard too, with these simple tips!

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