Create an Instagram Landing Page on your Website [Video Tutorial]

As a marketer and website owner, one of the things we need to be doing on a regular basis is driving more traffic to our website. If you are a website owner, it really doesn’t make much sense at all to use a service like Linktree, when ideally our goal is to drive people directly to our website.

Why do we need an Instagram landing page at all?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not parse hyperlinks in post captions, meaning they cannot be clicked on to go to that URL. Additionally, they do not allow selecting and copying text from a mobile device so users can copy any URL you might put in a caption. This can be done on a desktop computer, but let’s be real… how many of us are using Instagram on a desktop, right?

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to create an Instagram landing page on your own WordPress website, so you can drive all your traffic directly to your website and improve your Google statistics at the same time.

Below are my top 4 reasons that it’s better to create an Instagram landing page on your own website, instead of using a service such as Linktree:

  1. You own your website, you don’t own your Linktree page. Linktree has gone down a couple of times in the past and you have NO control over what happens there. If your website happens to go down, which can happen on occasion of course, at least you have some support options and control to get it back up and running.
  2. You can’t fully brand yourself on a Linktree page, as they have limitations on what you can do there. Your website is different, of course, because you have total control over that, and you’ve already got your branding in place.
  3. If you have a website, using a step in between your audience and your website just doesn’t make sense, not just from a users’ point of view, but from a Google analytics point of view, as well.
  4. When a user goes directly to your website, that counts as a unique visitor, improving your Google stats. Once they’re on your IG landing page on your site, they are more than likely going to click through to somewhere else, which then counts again, and improves your website’s bounce rate, since that user clicked through from your landing page to a SECOND page on your site.
    If you use Linktree, yes, your visitor goes to your website via whatever link you have on Linktree, but if they read your blog post, for example, and don’t bother to click through to another page on your site, this goes AGAINST your bounce rate, and makes it higher.
    Bounce rate is when a user goes to any page on your site, but leaves your site from the same page they came in on. Getting them to click through from your IG landing page on your own site will help lower that bounce rate, and any time you can improve your Google statistics, you are doing yourself a favor.

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