Wanna Guess How I Spent My First Day of Freelancing?

Last Monday, April 2nd, was my first day of full-time freelance work, and I was very productive…….just not at design work.

In fact, I didn’t even sit down at my computer until about 2 in the afternoon.

Any guesses as to what I was doing?

Yup………moving cattle.

Of course, this is one of the many perks of working for yourself in the manner I do, is you get to make your own schedule. You’re not punching anyone else’s clock but your own. And the beauty of working from home on a computer is that, if I need to, I can do it at night and save the daylight hours for really fun stuff. And in this case there was a paycheck involved, so why not, right?

It’s a tough job (okay, I’m being facetious, here).

I had to head outside early to hook up the horse trailer, then leave the house at 8 am to get to the ranch in time. Once there, we headed out to gather the cows that needed to be moved and load them into the stock trailers. Then we took 2 trips up the hill to drop off the cattle, and after the 2nd load, we mounted up and pushed them through the field to water.

Yeah, tough. Here’s the view from my seat that morning, just so you can see how tough it can be.
The view from my saddleAnd if that’s not bad enough, check out who I have to work with.Okay, I guess that view’s pretty good, too. He’s sporting his nice new saddle, so I’m thinking he should be smiling more.
Of course, his view isn’t all that shabby, either. Just sayin’.

Pretty nice way to spend a Monday morning, I’m thinking. What are your Monday mornings like?