What does my website design process look like?

My website design process has been finely tuned to work really well for both me and my clients. Using both ClickUp for project management and Dubsado as a CRM my process is streamlined and runs like a well-oiled machine, which of course gets your website launched faster and easier than ever!

What does my website design process look like
Deep Dive into your business with my Business Design Survey

We find out what makes your business unique. I ask you the right questions that help us determine your specific offerings + your website & business goals. This enables me to create your home page content and craft a website that converts.

Kick-off Call - Getting started right

We jump on the phone to discuss all the project details and what comes next. We talk about project management, communication, sitemap, gathering assets, creating content and more.

Depending on the size of your site, we may set up short weekly calls to keep the momentum going and stay on track.

The Build - Putting it all together

We collect assets and together we create your content, then I get to work building your beautiful new website!

Most of my websites are created with custom templates that I’ve designed, but I provide you with screenshots along the way to get feedback and keep you in the loop. Eliminating the costly custom design process saves you big money and you still are provided with a unique website that looks anything but “cookie-cutter”.

Review & Revise - Getting it just right

I create a short preview video for you, showing you all the pages and features of your new website. I explain why I’ve done things a certain way, to help you understand the marketing and design theory behind effective websites.

After you’ve viewed it, I send you directly to the private site to preview it in real time and provide me with any needed revisions or corrections.

Launch Day!
Time to share your new website with the world!

I create social media graphics that we both can share to announce your new site. Your project goes in to 30-day warranty status, during which time I monitor it to make sure that everything is running as it should.

We schedule your virtual training so you can keep your site updated, fresh and running like a well oiled machine.

During this time I also provide you with your personalized Website Owner’s Manual, which gives you all the tech details you will need, but also you website style sheet and information about how you can  leverage your new site to get to work for you.

I have tweaked my processes and systems numerous times over my 25+ years in business, and my current web design process serves my clients in the best possible way! Your website is built quickly and efficiently, with your ideal client and your business at the forefront, so that your messaging is on point and sure to engage your website visitor and future clients.

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