5 Quick Web Tips You Can Implement Right Now

Fast-action tips to help you rank better in search, help your audience find you and then convert them into customers once they get to your site!

Make sure your home page meta title does not say HOME.

This is valuable real estate and needs to contain keywords relevant to your biz that people might use to search for you, & in most cases your geographical location, to leverage local search. It does not have to contain your business name, as many people might not even be searching for that, because they’ve never heard of you.

Optimize (or SET UP) your Google Business Profile

Formerly Google My Business, this tool is invaluable for making sure Google knows you exist! Upload images to show your products & services, create posts, gather reviews and much more, all for free!

Revisit your website messaging

Is it clear who you are, what you do and how you can help them?

  • Focus on creating content that is benefit driven, not focused on features.
  • What problem do you solve, or what need do you fulfill?
  • Remove instances of “I” and replace with “you”, so you can position your client as the hero.
Repeat your primary Call To Action

Once is never enough!

I like to add it to the header (which is most often sticky so it doesn’t go away), to the hero section, and then in 1 or 2 more strategic places as visitors scroll down.

Use a bright or contrasting color so it stands out!

Add ALT tags to your images

Image ALT tags can be added when you upload your image, and describe what the image is about. Use industry relevant keywords to describe the image, which will help in organic search but will also help with website accessibility.

Ex: Cowgirl roping on her Quarter Horse while galloping in a field

Bonus Tip - Back up your website!

While this won’t help with website improvement, it sure will improve your life if something goes BLIP in the night!

You work hard enough. Make sure your website is working hard too, with these simple tips!

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