6 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

6 tips to improve your websites conversion rate
Invest your time or money into perfecting your messaging.

This is probably the most important aspect of your website. Make the message about them, not you. Appeal to their emotions and explain how you can solve their problem in a way that helps them understand that you get them!

Include a Search Widget

If you have a smaller brochure site, chances are you won’t need this. But if you have an established blog or products, help users find what they want quickly and easily.

Use numerous Calls to Action

Place the primary CTA in your header. Repeat it in your hero section. Repeat in at least 2 other places on your home page, as users scroll, so they do not have to look for it.

Use a contrasting brand color for CTA buttons.

Choose good images and show your smiling face.

Help people make that personal connection to you so they’re more confident in buying from you.

Use testimonials as social proof.

Include a snap shot of the client and include their first name + last initial, along with the business name, if applicable (provide a backlink to their website as incentive). If it’s a consumer, add the city they live in for more credibility.

Make sure customers can contact you from any page.

A phone number in the header is great for building confidence! At the very least, have a Contact link in both header and footer navigation, and/or contact info in the footer.

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You work hard enough. Make sure your website is working hard too, with these simple tips!

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