One Last Ride

You’ve been my main squeeze for a long time now Rocky. But, all good things must come to an end at some point, and you deserve to have a full life and be used like a horse should be.

You most certainly are not pasture ornament material.

What can a person say about a horse like you? A girl only comes by a special horse like you once or twice in a lifetime. You just know me and you get me. You know what I’m thinking and, like any good horse, you know it before I do and you always do your best to oblige.

Making the decision to send you on your way and find you a new person was not an easy one, that’s for sure. I thought about it for almost a year before I could finally bring myself to do it. We have so much invested in each other – I’ve taught you everything you know, but you have taught me more than you will ever know…. about life, about forgiveness, about not taking things too personal, how to not overthink things and how to just let it go. You always gave me everything you had, and I hope you know I tried to always do the same for you.

Remember all the incredible times we’ve had? That One Perfect Moment, when you were just 5 years old, and we were floating together to that incredible music. I think you felt the rhythm of that music more than I did. With every stride, you lifted me up and away and we were flying. You were a stallion then, and you knew you were special. You carried yourself with purpose and pride. I have spent every day since then trying to relive that feeling of that incredible day. I doubt I ever will, but it’s okay. You took me there.

Theresa & Rocky

Remember all the times taking cattle to the high country and then every fall bringing them home again? Sidelining on the Western Divide Highway, dodging tree branches and manzanita bushes, jumping over downed trees and loping around boulders the size of trucks, you never missed a step and you never missed a cow. You took me there.

Or what about the time we taught each other to rope calves? How many girls can say they learned how to rope on a good horse who had never roped? Okay, there might have been some cowboy giving us a few pointers, but you took me there.

And we can’t forget the thrill of riding in the parade, the Grand Entry and the drill team at the rodeo all those years. Proudly carrying a flag during sponsor runs, galloping as fast as we could, and me just letting you have the reins, because you knew where you were supposed to go and I was confident that you would get me there. Listening for the whistle during the drill performance and knowing that you heard it too and would slow down, speed up and turn when you were supposed to because you had learned the pattern, just like I had. I thank God that He gave you to me so you could take me there.

And so we set out on our last ride together. The last time looking between those perky little black-tipped ears. The last time feeling your smooth lofty stride that has taken me to so many incredible places. I’m so thankful for you and all the great years and experiences we had together, for all that you taught me and that I could teach you enough to be the same great horse for someone else, so that she can experience all the wonderful places you can take her, too.

last ride

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