Pandas and Penguins, According to Google

The previous Google Panda updates, have now morphed into Penguin updates, but the message remains the same.

Provide relevant, meaningful and consistent content FOR YOUR VISITORS, and all will be right with the world. And Google.

In a recent post by E-Web Marketing, How to Protect Your Site Against Future Google Penguin Updates, an infographic was posted, which further elaborates on what Google has been trying to accomplish for quite some time with both the Panda & the Penguin algorithm updates. The goal is for website owners to provide useful content for their visitors, and optimize their pages for those visitors, not search engines. What this means is that if you are keyword stuffing, or over-optimizing your pages, Google will catch on to you and quite possibly penalize you for it.

Click on the image below to view a larger version. SEO comments or questions? Please leave them in the comment section below!Google-Penguin-Infographic