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Just One Week.

Don't wait months to get the dynamic website you need to grow your business!

This streamlined, fast-tracked process will get your new website online fast, looking great and ready to work for you.

Website in a Week is for the busy professional who needs an attractive, dynamic and professionally built website now, without waiting for months and without the big price tag.

But first, a little quiz...

  1. I don’t have the time to build a website and still run my business well.
  2. I don’t have the knowledge or skill to craft an effective website strategy and and a website that looks great.
  3. I don’t have the money to have a fully custom website built.
  4. All of the above.

Truthfully, there is no wrong answer here! If any of these scenarios describe you, Website in a Week is what you need to get a great looking, functional and powerful website quickly, and at an affordable price!

What we do

We’re experts at taking your vision for your business, formulating a strategy and fine-tuning your messaging to eliminate confusion from your prospective customers. This translates into more website visitors that will take action on your site and reach out to work with you!

And we do it all in a matter of days, not months.

Here's how it works

Kick-off Call

We spend about 60 minutes on the phone talking about strategy and content, as well as your vision and the goals for your website. At the end of our conversation we’ll schedule the build week and go over your homework, so you can create your remaining page content.

Gathering Content & Assets

Following the Kick-off Call, we dig in right away with questionnaires to help me create your home page content. I also provide you with templates to help you write content for your inside pages. Ten days is allowed for content creation and to allow you to gather all images and assets you’ll need and upload them to our project management portal.

Build Week - Days 1 & 2

I get busy setting up the site framework and creating the look and feel of your website, in alignment with your existing branding. I’ll begin writing your home page content and creating the layout for your remaining page content.

Build Week - Day 3

Work continues on the content and layout, and then moves on to all the back end goodies, such as Search Engine Optimization, responsive design, and security.

Build Week - Day 4

We’ll review the visual aspect of your website, and make sure it aligns with both you and your ideal client, and reflects the vision you had for your website. We’ll also address any revisions or corrections that may be needed to get it just right.

Build Week - Day 5, Website Launch!

We’ll do a “soft launch” of your site to point your domain name to your website and once it’s live, make the final touches to connect your site to various other apps you may be using, verify your site with Google Search Console and make any final revisions or corrections to the content that may be needed.

On Monday, you’ll be announcing the official launch on all your social media channels and in your email marketing.

Website in a Week is a good fit for you if...

Website in a Week might not be great for you if...

What you'll get

A fully functional, mobile responsive brochure website, tailored to your business and clients, and created to get you more conversions. You’ll also gain a wealth of extra knowledge about marketing and how to really leverage your new website, instead of letting it sit around and collect virtual dust!

Kick-off Strategy Call

We'll spend about an hour on the phone discussing your vision, your goals and a good strategy for your site.

Responsive Design

A must these days, making your site friendly for mobile devices will help your SEO and make the user experience much more appealing.

Content Creation

I create your home page content for you (based on your questionnaire answers), and I give you templates so you can easily craft content for your 4 remaining inside pages. Legal pages such as a Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions are also included and do not count towards your 5-page site.

5-page, Dynamic WordPress Brochure Website

I use a stripped down theme that won't weigh down your site (which means faster loading times), plus proven templates that I've created with the Elementor Pro page builder, all customized with your content and branding.

Email Opt-in Form

An opt-in form for your email marketing platform (set up not included) can be added to your site so visitors can subscribe to your newsletter or download a free resource that you provide.

Contact Form

Make it easy for visitors to get in touch and help reduce spam by not placing your email address on your website.

Basic SEO Package + Analytics

Page titles & meta descriptions for each page, and your site will be connected to your Google Analytics account as well as to Google Search Console so your site can be crawled and indexed.

Website Security

Help keep your site protected from hackers and spam bots.

Social Media Icons

Outbound links to all your social media accounts will be added in the perfect location for your website.

Website Launch

A quick and easy strategy will be developed along with a social media graphic, so you can announce your website launch. (I'll announce on my end as well!)

30 Minute Training Session

We'll hop on zoom for a 60 minute virtual training session so you have the tools you need to update and maintain your own website, if you wish.

Warranty & Support

Your website build includes a 30-day warranty to make sure any potential bugs are worked out and everything is to your satisfaction.

What I'll need from you

I’ll ask that you  commit to an intense but super fun week watching your website unfold right before your eyes! You will need to be available to me by Messenger app during each of the 5 day build process, but most of the pre-work will be taken care of before the build.

I’ll also ask that you let me be your guide through this process and have faith in my experience and expertise, as well as my design sense.

Of course there is much more I will need from you during the process, but we’ll go over that during our kick-off call.

Your Investment

The investment for your Website in a Week is only $2,750.

This price is exclusive of your domain name purchase and website hosting. We strongly encourage clients to host with Cowgirl Media on our virtual private servers, so that we are confident there are sufficient resources to power your new dynamic website, but also to please the Google Gods and load your website quickly. Additionally, things like stock photos, time spent searching for photos or other graphic design work are not included.

Think how amazing it will feel to have your new website up and running in just ONE week!

You can finally stop wasting time on endless Google searches trying to learn how to do it yourself and figure out all the tech, when you should be spending time on your new clients!

Get Started Now!

Contact me for a free initial consultation to see if Website in a Week is a good fit for you!

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Website in a Week FAQ

Over the years I’ve developed a pretty streamlined and strict process that we will follow and it works great! There is always clarity about what the next steps will be so things move smoothly and there is little room for scope creep. We stay on plan and any deviation or extras are billed separately and are handled after the initial project is complete. Additionally, all the pre-work is done ahead of time while waiting for your scheduled week to begin, so when that week rolls around, we’re cooking with gas and ready to go!

If you’re ready now, you can reserve a spot on my schedule by clicking the button below to Book Now, paying your 50% deposit and then scheduling your Website in a Week start day in my calendar. Website in a Week projects always begin on a Monday and are scheduled 3 weeks in advance, to allow for other projects in my schedule and give you time to complete your pre-work.

After your week has been scheduled you’ll receive immediate communication from me with the next steps to take so you can begin working on your content.

If you are still digesting the idea, or you can’t pay right away, you can choose to schedule a complimentary call to find out if this is a good fit for you, or to discuss other payment options that can make things easier on your budget (please note that your payment must be made in full before we can proceed with your website build).

Simply click on one of the options below to get started!

In order to build a site this quickly, we assume you’re starting with:

  • A good understanding of your business plan (your ideal client and your offer)
  • Completed branding
  • Your website’s copy/content

If you don’t have these at the start of the process, you can either wait until you do or work with me to complete them. I offer complete brand strategy and marketing packages as well, and can help you figure all that out.

During the pre-work period, you’ll be provided with a list of specific items I will need from you to complete your site. You’ll also be given a questionnaire so I can complete your home page content, and other templates that will guide you in writing the content for your inside pages. It’s important that you get to this work quickly, so that your build week goes off without a hitch.

You will need to be readily available during your build week. We will use a messaging app such as Voxer or Messenger to communicate. This enables us to chat in real time so I can get any answers I need from you quickly and keep working on your site.

During the week, we’ll be discussing the layout, the design, you’ll be testing the finished website and coordinating the final launch. Please be responsive! If I have to chase you down for info, your build will be paused until I have EVERYTHING I need to continue.

The short answer is pretty much any business that needs a brochure website with just a handful of pages and needs it quickly.

This product does not include any eCommerce or other type of membership or subscription functionality, but those can certainly be added on after the primary project is complete.

Yes, and yes!

You own your website, and can do whatever you like when it’s complete. You should know however, that I use several products on all the sites I build that are connected to my developer licenses, and I allow you to use those as along as we are in good standing and you are still “my client”. If you decide to use another designer or developer, those licenses are disconnected and you will need to purchase your own at that time. This is another way I help keep costs down for you but still provide you with an amazing website.

All my Website in a Week projects include 1 hour of virtual training that you will be able to schedule once the build week is completed. During this training I teach you how to manage and maintain your site, update content and provide you some consultation on how to leverage it to grow your business.

As with any business investment, a website is just that – a tool you need to manage and grow your business.

Websites are not just about finding new clients and customers, they’re about YOUR credibility as a business! No one uses the Yellow Pages these days, they grab their phone and do a search for what they need. If your business is not there, or your website has an amateurish appearance, it WILL effect your credibility and slow down your progress.

Don’t let that happen! Make the investment in YOU and your business. Waiting will only delay your success and give your competitors the edge!

Since this project is a fast-paced atmosphere and work begins almost immediately, I cannot offer a full refund on your deposit.

There will be a minimum cancellation fee of $250 if you cancel within 48 hours of paying your deposit. After 48 hours, I am unable to provide any refund, as work on your project has already commenced, even if the actual build process has not begun yet.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the beautiful website you need now!

Select this option if you're ready to get to it!

Requires a deposit of $1375. After payment you will immediately receive an email with my scheduler to book your Website in a Week project.

Click below if you're not sure yet and want to chat.

Clicking the button above will redirect you to my scheduler where you can book your free 20 minute consultation. Immediately thereafter you will be forwarded to an intake form which will give me information about your business and confirm your appointment with me. If you do not fill out this form, your free call will not be scheduled and confirmed.

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